The Most Common Causes of Tennessee Car Accidents

Despite improved navigation, braking systems and other safety features in motor vehicles, accidents continue to happen, and law enforcement and policy makers continuously collect data and follow trends to understand why.

In general, most auto accidents are the fault of human error, usually in the form of carelessness or disregard of traffic laws. Some crashes result from equipment failure, poor visibility, bad weather or poor road conditions.

But the leading cause of car accidents in the 21st century is distracted driving, and unfortunately, Tennessee shares heavily in this trend. In a 2019 study, the state ranked number one in distracted-driving-related fatalities per 10 billion vehicle miles — five times the national average. Texting is one contributor to the problem but so is the use of cellphones, GPS and trip apps and even the old-fashioned radio.

Another persistent, though less frequent, cause of car accidents nationwide is intoxication, whether due to drugs or alcohol or both. Tennessee is about average, ranking 19th among states with high rates of alcohol-related traffic fatalities.

Risky driving behaviors that don’t involve intoxication or distraction are also common causes of car accidents. Speeding is the second biggest cause of accidents. Reckless driving and running red lights also frequently cause accidents that result in serious injury or death.

Even careful, law-abiding drivers may be responsible for an accident if they were driving on icy or slippery roads or in conditions of limited visibility. Regardless of the reason, if they were even partly at fault for a crash, they may be financially responsible for injuries to others.

If you have suffered harm in a car accident in Tennessee, you may seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other related expenses through an insurance claim or litigation against an at-fault driver. An experienced Tennessee auto accident attorney can help you negotiate a satisfactory settlement and initiate a lawsuit if necessary to obtain a just recovery.

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