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Tennessee Copyright Attorney Safeguards Your Creative Rights

Chattanooga intellectual property lawyer assists writers and artists in protecting their work

Creating an original piece of work is a personal endeavor, but legal protection is necessary to ensure that authors, writers and other content makers receive the credit and compensation that they deserve. Epstein Law Firm in Chattanooga advises Tennessee and Georgia clients on all types of copyright matters, such as registration and infringement actions. We represent clients before the U.S. Copyright Office and in litigation when an alleged copyright violation occurs. Attorney Valerie Epstein has more than 25 years of experience handling copyright matters and can also advise you on the international protection that exists under the Universal Copyright Convention.

Accomplished firm establishes copyrights for individuals and companies

Through more than two decades managing copyright and trademark cases for clients, we have helped them obtain the credit and payment that they are entitled to. Our firm assists the creators of original content with all types of copyright matters, including those involving:

  • Music — With the explosion of online music sharing, it is more important than ever to establish copyright protection for songs and other types of compositions.
  • Published or online writing — We assist authors of books, articles and online content to guard against plagiarism and preserve writers’ ability to benefit from their work.
  • Films, plays and theatrical performances — Even in the early stage of an artistic work, it is essential to pursue a copyright so that your efforts are properly rewarded.

During a initial consultation, our firm can explain what rights you will be granted through copyright protection and what actions we will take on your behalf.

Experienced litigator advises on copyright disputes

When a conflict arises over a copyright that has allegedly been violated, not every lawyer is qualified to present the strongest possible case. Whether your work has been infringed upon or you’ve been charged with copyright misconduct, we understand the law as well as the practical considerations that often come into play. Our firm can represent your interests and advise you on issues such as fair use, permission and the release of copyrighted materials into the public domain. No matter how complex your dispute is, we can guide you toward a favorable outcome that protects your work.

Contact a diligent Chattanooga copyright lawyer for a consultation

Epstein Law Firm advises Tennessee and Georgia clients on copyright issues and other intellectual property matters. Please call 423-265-5100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga office.


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