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Chattanooga Trademark Attorney Protects Business Brands

Skilled intellectual property lawyer assists clients in Tennessee and Georgia

An effective trademark can lift brand awareness and propel your business to success in the marketplace. However, the law regarding trademarked images, words and symbols can be tricky. At Epstein Law Firm in Chattanooga, we offer thorough guidance on trademark and service mark issues, including registration and infringement actions. Attorney Valerie Epstein has practiced law for 25 years and can protect your intellectual property in a thorough, professional manner.

Firm provides knowledgeable counsel on registering your trademark

As a trademark and copyright lawyer for clients in Tennessee and Georgia, Valerie Epstein handles all of the legal details for businesses who seek to create a distinctive identity for their product or service. We assist with tasks such as:

  • Reviewing for similar marks — While you are creating your trademark, our firm is able to conduct a review to determine if it is similar to other registered marks so that you can avoid unnecessary effort and expense.
  • Preparing registration forms — We explain the registration process and skillfully handle each aspect of your effort to obtain authorization from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Anticipating potential problems — Some applications are held up due to concerns that the trademark in question might confuse people or infringe upon a competitor’s rights. We can advise you regarding potential problems and review possible adjustments.

In a initial consultation, we outline each step in the process of receiving a trademark or service mark.

Experienced advocate handles trademark infringement matters

If your trademark is infringed or you have been accused of violating someone else’s trademark, quick action is necessary to protect your rights. Our firm represents clients in trademark and service mark litigation and can assess your likelihood of a successful result in your dispute. These cases often turn on questions concerning the potential confusion that could result between two similar marks. We review the relevant facts exhaustively and address arguments relating to design, marketing targets and location.

Contact a dedicated Chattanooga trademark law attorney for a consultation

Epstein Law Firm advises Tennessee and Georgia clients on trademark and copyright issues as well as other legal matters. Please call 423-265-5100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga office.


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