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Dedicated Chattanooga Lawyer Advises on Trusts and Estates

Reputable estate planning attorney serves clients in Tennessee and Georgia

You have many choices when it comes to transferring your assets upon death. Without informed legal guidance, you might not fully understand your options, leading to undue expense and stress for your loved ones. At Epstein Law Firm in Chattanooga, we work closely with Tennessee and Georgia clients to develop a comprehensive estate planning strategy. Through legal instruments such as trusts, wills and advance directives, attorney Valerie Epstein creates a program that achieves your specific objectives. With more than 25 years of legal experience, she can make sure that your instructions are set forth in a clear, legal manner.

Experienced lawyer provides comprehensive estate planning counsel

Our firm can handle any estate planning need, including:

  • Will drafting — Should you die without a will, your assets are distributed according to state laws governing these matters. Our firm ensures that the allocation of your estate reflects your intentions and values.
  • Probate litigation — Whether you are representing an estate or contesting a will that is being probated, our firm offers exceptional advocacy in all probate matters.
  • Guardianships and conservatorships — We establish legal arrangements to address the needs of minor children and disabled adults. If you have a son or daughter under the age of 18, it is essential to make arrangements for their care if they are orphaned.

In a consultation, we can discuss your estate planning goals and the best ways to achieve them.

Skilled attorney prepares living trusts to bypass the probate process

Placing your assets in a living trust gives you the chance to pass property to beneficiaries without forcing them to go through probate. Under this arrangement, you can maintain access to your assets throughout your lifetime. Our firm works closely with clients to construct all types of trusts for clients who seek to simplify the inheritance process, secure favorable tax treatment, or exercise control over the use of their assets.

Elder law counselor creates living wills to enforce healthcare decisions

If you become unable to communicate due to an injury or illness, you will have no way to express your preferences regarding medical treatment. But with an advance care plan, sometimes referred to as a living will, you specify your wishes in writing, sparing your family members from having to guess about your treatment choices. Our firm delivers compassionate guidance so that clients can issue instructions regarding extraordinary care, medication and other crucial matters.

Contact an established Chattanooga trusts and estates lawyer for a consultation

Epstein Law Firm assists Tennessee and Georgia clients with trusts and estates as well as other legal concerns. Please call 423-265-5100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Chattanooga office.


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